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The German Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (Bundesverband der Deutschen Transportbetonindustrie - BTB), founded in 1966, represents the mutual interests of the producers of ready-mixed concrete and the concrete pumping industry. Today, the German Ready-Mixed Concrete Association represents a total production volume of 49,4 Million m³ ready-mixed concrete with a corresponding sales volume of € 3.32 billion (2016).

Key Figures of the German Ready-Mixed Concrete Industry

  2009 2010¹) 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Sales (in bn. €) 2,50 2,71 3,10 2,99 3,02 3,20 3,21 3,32
Production (in mio. m³) 37,7 42,0 48,0 46,0 45,6 46,8 47,2 49,4
Number of Plants 1.910 1.955 1.941 1.905 1.900 1.890 1.890 1.800
Employees 8.990 9.200 9.500 9.000 9.150 9.400 9.230 9.405

¹) since 2010 including mobile ready-mixed concrete plants.

The association’s objectives are to ensure and expand the market position of the building material ready-mixed concrete, to emphasize and assert the shared interests of the ready-mixed concrete producers, to avert unjustified claims, and to foster the image of the ready-mixed concrete industry. The BTB considers itself as a link among the ready-mixed concrete industry on the one side and politics, economy, and the public on the other.

Four issues are central for the association’s engagement:

1.    Commercial policy
2.    Concrete technology and environment
3.    Marketing
4.    Education (Apprenticeship)

This website provides you with German-language information about the BTB, its member associations, and the joint work for the companies which are organized in the association. For further information about the building material ready-mixed concrete and its industry in English language please contact our office or see, for instance, the website of the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Organization ERMCO.

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